Belly Dancing By Tasha


   The mysterious, timeless beauty of Middle Eastern Dancing is brought gloriously to life through the tasteful teaching talents of Tasha.  

     A working professional -for over 30 years, Tasha has danced throughout the tristate area in events from Caesar's Cove Haven in the Poconos to the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City.

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  Tasha has performed at countless events, from private parties to large stage shows in the Poconos and the Atlantic City Casinos.  She has delighted audiences in America and around the world.

    Now Tasha brings her unique abilities to you through her fun and invigorating dance classes.


An Established Performer

An Established Teacher

  Come join Tasha for a a dance class, it will tone you, stretch you, and stimulate your creativity.   

   You will leave behind your every day life and step into a magical world of motion and beauty.